Evaluating the Claim of Salafiyyah by Abu Eesa Niamatullah and His Slanders Against the Adherents to the Salafi Methodology: Part 2
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Monday, September, 02 2013 and filed under Clarifications
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Between Yasir Qadhi's Shrewdness and Abu Eesa Niamatullah's Thuggish, Brutish Intellect

There is a difference between Yasir Qadhi (see this article in particular, and also here, here, here, and here) and Abu Eesa Niamatullah. Yasir Qadhi is smarter and shrewder in knowing how to play politics in the public da'wah scene in order to maintain (apparent) consistency. Abu Eesa Niamtullah is dumb and has with him a certain bruteness that strips him of any semblance of aql (intellect). You only need to prod him once and the "pathological hatred" he harbours (whilst accusing others of it) pours out like water out of a jug, and that which he accuses the Salafis of (of unjust rulings on people), pours out freely, without hindrance from his heart and soul with the ferociousness of a lion, yet the thought and intelligence of a domestic turkey (see the proof of that in Part 3). That's what has happened in short of a few days, and these are realities that Abu Eesa Niamatullah has revealed about himself in short of three pages worth of Facebook rants. This series of articles is an elaboration upon this reality, and whilst some may protest these descriptions we are using here, we are only describing what a man reveals of himself through his speech and action. Further, what are these words of ours compared to what you are going to read from Abu Eesa Niamatullah in the articles to follow? Yes, that's a question you should start asking now, so that you anticipate the shock before it comes. Go ahead, read Part 3 and try telling us we haven't spoken the truth...

Back to our point, Yasir Qadhi knows full well that making any type of claim of adherence to Salafiyyah will expose his hypocrisy openly and plainly. He knows this is a tricky, thorny path. This is because Salafiyyah has usool (foundations), it has lawaazim (binding necessities), it has outward manifestations by which a person's conduct can be evaluated to see if what he claims is in his heart and on his tongue is being manifested by his actions. This is why true Salafiyyah is resented by these people, and this resentment of their's is unleashed upon those who value this Salafiyyah in belief, speech and deed and try their utmost to uphold it, to the best of their ability. Thus, Yasir Qadhi, having spent a considerable stretch at the University of Madinah, knows only too well that in pursuing the (Ikhwani) agenda that he and his likes have devised for the West (propping themselves up as future leaders and scholars for the Ummah), it is fatal to ascribe to Salafiyyah and to the Salafi Shaykhs whilst pursuing this agenda. Because as soon as you ascribe to Salafiyyah and claim to be Salafi, then automatically you subject yourself to evaluation, scrutiny and your words, deeds, actions, da'wah, methodology and allegiances can be compared to a criterion and if you are a liar in your claim you will not escape being convicted, not even from the speech of the likes Shaykh Abd al-Muhsin al-Abbaad or Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen, let alone the rest of the Salafi scholars of today.

On the other hand those displaying the brutishness of thugs and the intellects of beasts like Abu Eesa Niamatullah (see Part 3), they are not able to think that far ahead and as a result set themselves up for being exposed for their blatant hypocrisy, alongside their ignorance, oppression and injustice. When he took the opportunity to use what is happening in Egypt and Syria to make his brutish, slanderous outburst against those holding to the creed and methodology of the Salaf, he made the claim of being upon the way of the Salaf for the past 20 years. Here he subjected himself to an evaluation of his claim, something Yasir Qadhi knows is something to be avoided. That's why in a supporting message to Abu Eesa Niamatullah on the same day, Yasir Qadhi advised him, "Abu Eesa, leave their Salafiyya and join Orthodox Islam." This is from Yasir Qadhi's shrewdness, he is advising him, as if to say, "Don't ascribe to their Salafiyyah, just leave ascription to Salafiyyah altogether and join Orthodox Islam instead" and as if to indicate to Abu Eesa Niamatullah that which he (Qadhi) has already grasped, understood and become wise to, that ascribing to Salafiyyah is a liability.

So lets elaborate upon the point made in this article, and lets expose the lies, hypocrisy, oppression and injustice coming from Abu Eesa Niamatullah against those holding onto and venerating the creed, methodology and foundations of the Salafi da'wah. Lets compare the claim of Salafiyyah by Abu Eesa Niamatullah with what we know from the Imaams and Shaykhs of Salafiyyah of our times, Imaam al-Albani, Imaam Ibn Baz, Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh al-Fawzaan, Shayk al-Ghudayaan, Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee, Shaykh Abd al-Azeez Aal al-Shaykh, Shaykh Abd al-Muhsin al-Abbaad, Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee and many others, and lets see the truthfulness of his claims. To follow in next article inshaa'Allaah.