Evaluating the Claim of Salafiyyah by Abu Eesa Niamatullah and His Slanders Against the Adherents to the Salafi Methodology: Part 3
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Abu Eesa Niamatullah, Oppressive Tyrannical Judgements and Playing With the Book of Allaah the Exalted

On 28th August 2013 Abu Eesa Niamatullaah wrote a piece on Facebook comprising much lies, slanders and oppression (founded upon ignorance and desires) against those who not only value the Salafi creed and methodology, but actually practice what it requires of them in speech, action and da'wah (to the best of their ability) unlike extremists and liars like himself. You can see a screenshot of the entire piece right here. Abu Eesa says, opening his rant:

I mentioned before that from the benefits of fitnah when imān faces up against kufr - especially like what's happening in Egypt and Syria at the moment - is that it purifies the ranks of the Believers from all other deviants, imposters and charlatans.

So let us now finally clear our ranks from the virus that is the group who falsely call themselves "Salafees" but of course everyone else knows them as Madkhalis/Jaamees/Neo-Super-Pseudo Salafees etc.

Look at the oppressive language used, he speaks of a conflict between eemaan and kufr, and within that context he speaks of "purification of the ranks of the believers" from "deviants, imposters and charlatans" speaking in a manner as if the hypocrites are being spoken of in the Qur'an, and as if all tribulations that befall the Muslims are blamed upon the Salafis, the "virus" he says, that must be cleared from their ranks (the believers). Then in his latest Facebook rant on 2nd September 2013 (screenshot here), he intensifies his oppression and injustice and states the following:

...they are from the most deviant of all the Muslim groups. Think of all the extreme misguided groups offered amongst the Sūfis and Shī'ah and what not. Well this is the Salafi offering...they are from the most dangerous of Muslims...

Meaning that those he is speaking of are equivalent to the extreme misguided groups from amongst the Sufiyyah and Shi'ah (who are actually disbelievers in the views of the Scholars), and these "Salafis" are simply another offering of extreme misguided groups that are to be put alongside those extreme misguided groups from amongst the Shi'ah and the Sufis in the extremity of their misguidance. Look at this vile filthy comparison he makes without shame and remorse and for which He will be asked by Allaah, the Exalted. He describes them as the "most dangerous" of Muslims, more dangerous than the Jahmite grave-worshippers and callers to Shirk that he sits with out of love and affection and cooperation, from the students of Habib Ali al-Jifri and other enemies of the Tawhid of the Messengers - a matter that is established about him without dispute, not even those who support him against us can dispute this matter, as that is recorded and noted about him by many and is a matter out in the public (see documentation below). Then, not sufficing with all of what has preceded, he exceeds all bounds and on both Twitter and Facebook he writes the following criminal words (31st August 2013):

He takes the saying of Allaah, the Exalted, (ولو كره الكافرون) and also (ولو كره المجرمون) and also (ولو كره المشركون) which occur in the Qur'an in relation to Allaah perfecting his light even though the disbelievers may detest it (9:32, 61:8), Allaah making his deen uppermost even though the pagans may detest it (9:33, 61:9), Allaah vindicating the truth by His speech even though the criminals may detest it (10:82), Allaah commanding to invoke Him alone, even if the disbelievers may detest it (40:14) - so he takes this speech of Allaah, the Exalted, and uses it for those he refers to as "pseudo-salafiyoooooon" (intending it to rhyme with those verses), in the place of those whom Allaah refers to as kaafiroon, mushrikoon and mujrimoon. Not only making light of the lofty meaning in those verses that use this statement (ولو كره), but it is also criminally oppressive and indicates the "pathological hatred" this man has towards those holding fast to the creed and methodology of the Salaf. He has made the Salafis take the place of the "kaafiroon, mushrikoon and mujrimoon" in the Qur'an (whilst playing with the Book of Allaah), a criminal deed for which we ask Allaah to provide justice. In contrast, he describes the Maturidi Deobandis, "LOVE those guys. Always and forever. Got mad respect for those Deo Kats..." and these are the deniers of Allaah's uluww and divesters of His attributes and in the very next sentence he plays with the Book of Allaah and criminally, oppressively attacks the people of Tawhid, Sunnah and Aathaar, stating with respect to them, "wa lau karihal-pseudosalafiyyoooooon." And whereas Allaah, the Sublime and Exalted, used this statement in relation to perfecting His light (the light of Tawhid) and making his deen uppermost (the deen of Tawhid) and vindicating the truth (the truth of Tawhid), Abu Eesa Niamatullah, distorts this speech and uses it instead for his love of Maturidi Deobandis who divest Allaah of His attributes, in other words he will love them (with a passion), "wa lau karihal-pseudosalafiyyoooooon." Have you see any corruption in intellect, bestiality in reason, and oppression that is like this? And are you pleased that the words of Allaah are used in this manner, out of anger and hatred towards the people of Tawhid, Sunnah and Aathaar? Putting all of this together, we do not know of anyone making such bold accusations and slanders amounting to takfir and accusation of nifaaq except the most extremely misguided Sufis and Shi'ah, the difference being that they do it under the label of "Wahhabi" and Abu Eesa Niamatullaah does it under the label of "Madkhali, Jaamee" - and all the while he ascribes himself to Salafiyyah...

Alongside this venom, hatred and oppression against a people who venerate the Tawhid of Allah, the Sunnah of His Messenger and the way of his Companions and the methodology of the Righteous Salaf (as evidenced by their attachment, study and teaching of the books of Tawhid such as Thalaathat al-Usool, Kashf al-Shubuhaat, al-Qawaa'id al-Arba', Nawaaqid al-Islaam, Kitaab al-Tawheed, and books of aqidah such as at-Tahawaiyyah, al-Waasitiyyah, al-Hamawiyyah, al-Tadmuriyyah and a multitude of the books of aqidah and manhaj from the Salaf, and their translation and propagation of thousands of the sayings, clarifications and rulings of the Salafi scholars, past and present, and the abundance of their lectures and seminars in this regard which only an arrogant, bigoted person would deny) - so whereas this is what we see and observe from the Salafis, Abu Eesa Niamatullah himself signs pledges of understanding and cooperation with Jahmites and saint-worshippers, enters them into "Broad Sunni Islaam" (whilst the Salafis are an extreme misguided groups like the most extreme misguided groups from amongst the Sufis and Shi'ah, and are the most dangerous of Muslims)! He invites the students of saint-worshippers to come and lecture on his platforms (as an implementation of the pledge he signed).

Here he partakes in a conference, "Hold Tight to the Rope of Allaah", and with whom? Three individuals all of whom are students of Habib Ali al-Jifri, a blatant open caller to Shirk, to saint and grave worship!

Below is Usama Canon, here he is reciting poetry that relates to al-fanaa (perhaps intending to perish into the essence of Allaah in order to witness the 'haqeeqah', that of the unity of existence) and sat behind him is Yahya Rhodus - and perhaps many of these types of Sufis, perhaps they have with them notions of the Ittihaadees and Huloolis (judging by the acts they are involved in), and Abu Eesa Niamatullaah opens his arms to them with love and friendship.

This is Yahya Rhodus, he is reciting the Burdah of al-Busayree which comprises Shirk with Allaah and the attribution of qualities that belong to Allaah, the Sublime, to the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam).

And in the video below is the voice of Ibrahim Osi-Efa (pictures are of someone else, Habib Ali Jifri), and Osi-Efa (like the others) is a Jahmi, a gnostic, illuminist Sufi.

So Abu Eesa Niamatullaah holds on to the rope with the students of callers to Shirk, divesters of His attributes and negators of His uluww, those who harbour the aqidah of the Jabariyyah (and perhaps even notions found with the Hulooliyyah and Ittihaadiyyah) and as for the Salafis who venerate the Tawhid of Allaah, and affirm His uluww and His attributes, and worship Him alone and only through what He legislated then there is nothing but scorn, ridicule, strong hints of takfir, nifaaq and them being the source of calamities for the Muslims and the Ummah?! Allaahu akbar! Could the vile state and condition of this man's heart and soul be any clearer to the deluded? Such scorn for the people venerating the Tawhid of Allaah (implying takfir of them, declaring them equivalent to the most extreme amongst the Sufis and Shi'ah in terms of misguidance), yet cordiality, love, friendship for everybody else...

He sits, cordially and with love, with the Jahmiyyah and Sufiyyah Qubooriyyah - who are the very reason for the calamities, chaos, and turmoil befalling the Ummah in the first place as Ibn Taymiyyah has outlined (in the 13th volume of Majmu' al-Fatawa), indicating that the bid'ahs of al-Ja'd bin Dirham, al-Jahm bin Safwaan and the innovations in general were the cause of the calamities and of the victories of the enemies in the Crusades in Shaam and likewise the cause of the calamities coming from the East (Mongols) with respect to Khurasaan and those areas. However, it is as if he puts the blame for the problems in the Muslim world solely at the feet of the Salafis and not upon those criminals, those worshippers of saints and divesters of Allaah's attributes, those innovators into the deen of Allaah for which Allaah gave them no authority. And Ibn Taymiyyah also says (in the 15th volume of Majmu' al-Fatawa) that every rectification on Earth is brought about through Tawhid and ittibaa' of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and that every corruption and mischief on Earth arises on account of Shirk with Allaah and abandoning ittibaa' of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam). And Abu Eesa Niamatullaah changes the scales and he makes the people of Tawhid, Sunnah and Aathar as the destroyers, corrupters, mischief-makers and alongside that he "holds onto the rope" with Jahmiyyah, Soofiyyah, Jabariyyah (and perhaps some of them are Hulooliyyah, Ittihadiyyah), saint-worshippers, innovators into the deen of Allaah, disputants to the Messenger of Allaah, opposers to his Sunnah - and he shows them love, cordiality and friendship and brings some of them in front of Muslim audiences from whom they can learn their deen?!

And in this matter he is astray and it indicates the greatness of his jahl (ignorance) in that he does not know the realities of al-qadaa wal-qadar and its connection to the adl (justice) and hikmah (wisdom) of Allaah, the Exalted, with all of that being tied to what emanates from the people of Tawhid and Sunnah or Shirk and Bid'ah - and dear reader - this is the stark reality of these people, they are the most ignorant of people of the aqidah of the Salaf, because they have made it a matter of academic study only (that remains in the classroom), not a matter that actually impacts a Muslim's entire life, perception and outlook and through which he evaluates and makes sense of what is taking place around him. We have elaborated upon this matter in more detail in the rebuttal against Yasir Qadhi who is as equally misguided in this matter (see this article).

All Because of What?

So what led him into all of this. Well as per his first Facebook rant on 28th August (screenshot), it was the occurrences in Egypt and Syria which provided him the opportunity to attack and vilify those who hold fast to the Salafi creed methodology and the guidance and direction of the well known Salafi scholars for no other crime except that that's exactly what they do, hold fast to the Salafi methodology, which safeguards them from extremism and following of desires. So in the next article, we are going to show the Salafis follow the light of guidance, they follow their leader and guide, the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), the Companions, and the Salaf and the Salafi Imaams and Shaykhs of our time, such as Imaam Ibn Baaz, Imaam al-Albani, Imaam Ibn Uthaymin, Shaykh al-Fawzaan, and numerous others and prove that Abu Eesa Niamatullah is a liar in his claim of being Salafi and that he is a disputant to all those we have mentioned, and we are going to illustrate this with the issue of protests, marches and demonstrations inshaa'Alllaah.